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gold fever

Our Research Camp

Camp Basic

While our journey lasts for the gold and all that passion and glory that comes with that kind of research we had to open our own Research Camp. At the beginning was me, Peter and Jennifer when we first opened the camp. After a while a lot of other people who was looking for things as we do, joined the camp and after only two months we counted more than 20 people who were living inside. You can hear smiling, joy and happiness all over our self but also the wish from inside us for acknowledge and finding something really rare was also big.

Things to do inside

We are having really good time together. In the hot days where the temperature goes really high we open a swimming pool and take a break all together. Also the BBQ is number one option for late night meeting where we would drink some good wine and have a really good time. Beside the machines for gold research we also have ATV which is motorcycle on 4 wheels where we go in the near forest and explore the nature and the wild world. For the girls we have special sports like wall climbing, blackhead removal with some fancy masks, special hair dressers  and all that beauty stuff that every girl should experience it.

Morning Routine

Our morning routine is getting up early at 5 AM in the morning and have a breakfast. After that we get all the equipment together and start working at the research field which is very close and near at our research camp. We go all together with the bus and while we are riding the bus, usually we listen to the good old songs. Even sometimes we sing the songs together and the driver gets mad.

We all have very good time here and I can really feel that we are very close to some giant discovery which will note us in the history as a great explorer team.