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Welcome to my Blog

First of all I would like to give you a warm welcome to my personal blog which I am leading and right here you will read all about my journey for finding a gold mines and artifacts. All the places I have been visited in the last couple of months are pure gold stories and they are fund and entertaining to be read.

MD – Make Decisions

In my life I had to make a lot of decisions about the things that went though. Since a kid I had a strong desire for antic stuff and artifacts, but also for traveling around the world and exploring the new cultures and meeting new people. So one day, I left my ordinary job and started follow my dream. I know that I am making the correct decision for first time in my life so since then my friends call me “MD” which is a symbol for my strong will and devoted character.

My name is not a leading point in the history yet, but I am sure that one day everyone will find out about Jimmy MD and will respect my life goal. Right now I am working on a huge project in Egypt around the Great Pyramids and I can feel that we are near to finding something big. This country has a huge potential for showing the last era and the way people lived in that time.

Stay with me and follow my adventures!